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Learn Italian, wherever you are.

Would you like to learn Italian online? Then you are in the right place. With my years of experience in tutoring students from all over the world, I have developed a series of techniques, tools and materials that will engage you and suit your needs and level.

I speak Italian as my first language, and can speak fluent English, as well as Chinese and some French, so I have experience learning languages myself, and I can help you in your first language if you are a speaker of these languages.

All my individual online students get a 45-minute free trial lesson, during which we get to know each other, and I can clearly understand your needs, goals and your language learning experience.

If you have come so far, why not book a trial lesson today? You could begin your learning journey straight away, and start working towards your objectives in a matter of days.

Alternatively, you can also learn more about me and see my introductory video on Preply, or join one of my Duolingo classes!

My teaching approach:


From an initial needs analysis, I can understand your language level, needs and preferences, in order to design a tailor-made course for you. I select and adapt teaching materials and design each aspect of the course to suit your preferences and help you towards your goals.


I know how hard it is to speak a foreign language in front of someone else for the first time. That’s why I strive to create a relaxed, friendly environment, where you will never feel judged, while still providing the corrections and support you need to improve your communicative skills.


At the beginning of each course, we agree on some clear, achievable objectives. Then we regularly check back to see whether we are on track or need to adjust something. These are also valuable feedback sessions for both you and me, to help us adjust the learning pace, lesson content or materials to you.

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